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Victoria Justice the actress, singer-songwriter, and dancer was walking through the thick jungles of India. She is on vacation after a gig in the big city of Dubai and decided to take vacation in nearby India. Now with a tour-guide, Victoria maks her way through the very immense jungle with nothing but a tee-shirt and shorts.  She carries a backpack with food, water, maps, and a compass.

"Nick, how long do we have left to go until we reach that large lake that my brochure was advertising about?" Victorial asks.

"It is not long now. Maybe another 10 miunutes." Nick says.

Nicholas "Nick" Harper is an American tour-guide living in India. He is 25 years old and makes a good profit out of showing people around the jungle. He has made a good living out of this business.

After 10 more mintues of hiking, Nick and Victoria come across this huge lake. Victoria stops by the waters edge, throws down her backpack and looks at Nick.

"Do you mind?" She asks.

Nick, getting the message, turn away as Victoria stips herself of all her clothes and slips on her bright blue bikini.

"Okay Nick, you can look now." Victoria says as she starts to wade into the water.

Nick turns around and when he looks at Victoria, his mouth hangs ajar. I mean, Nick has led many models and famous actresses through this jungle but he has never seen one as beautiful as Victoria. However Nick quickly replaces that look with a smile as he wades into the water with her. The two splash around and play together as they spend nearly an hour in the water.

Finally, having be tired out by trying to catch Victoria in a game of "water-tag", Nick gets out of the water and starts to dry himself off.  Victoria soon gets out and starts drying herself off. Victoria precedes to go behind a bush to put her clothes back on. However, Victoria notes that it is getting too hot to stand so she decides to leave her bikini on and her clothes off. She goes back to Nick who is now lying on his towel and is starting to doze off.

Victoria doesn't want to sit around and wait for Nick to wake up so she decides to explore. However she knew Nick wouldn't allow her to go, but his dozing off ties in p-erfectly with her plans.

Victoria turns to Nick.

"Nick, I'm going to explore a bit." she says.

To her surprise Nick sits up and smiles at her.

"Okay Victoria. I've been with enought models and famous women to know that eventually they get what they want. You can go and explore. But don't go too far. There are legends of a snake that can talk, and there have been many girls who have disappeared in these jungles." Nick says with a tone of seriousness in his voice.

"I don't believe in the whole 'snake can talk' thing, however due to the fact that this is a jungle, I'll be careful. Besides, if I run into any trouble, I'll scream like a little girl." Victoria says.

Victoria starts to leave but before she disappears, Nick calls her back.

"And Victoria..." Nick says.

"Yeah?" Victoria asks.

"...Happy hunting." Nick says with a smile and a wink.

"I will. See you later." Victoria says.

Victoria walks through the dense jungle. She had only gone a little bit when she heard rustling in the bushes before her. Victoria suddenly stops and quickly jumps behind a bush closer to her. She peers through the bush and a snake appears in front of her. Luckily the snake doesn't see her and starts to slither in a direction. As she watches the snake, Victoria notes the long body of the snake and how it seems to blend in with the surroudings. Thinking that she has seen a scientific marvel (and that the fact that snakes interest her) Victoria starts to secretly follow it.

Kaa had been relaxing in his tree for quite some time. He had just finished digesting a meal he had a week ago and started to get some rest. However, Kaa couldn't sleep. He wanted so deperately to find a girl-cub to hypnotize and have in his coils. He wanted so desperately wanted to feel a girl's body go into his.

"With thisss hot weather, sssurely sssome ssstupid male guide isss leading a group of people into thisss jungle." Kaa thought as he starts to slither down his tree.

"I think it isss time I checked out the popular tour-gide routesss." He says.

Kaa started to slither around his tree and took a direction thatwas particularily familiar to him. He knew this trail because this trail led to the watering hole (which is where most of the tour-guides brough the tourists). Kaa kept slithering and looked at all the wildlife around him. Unfortunately, that meant all the wildlife scrambling out of his way (unless they wanted to face his massive coils and hypnotic powers). Kaa kept slithering until he heard some rustling in the bushes before him. Kaa stopped slithering until the rustling stopped. Thinking it was some animal that was just moving along, Kaa moved on.

Kaa kept slithering unaware that he had secretly picked up a follow (Victoria) who was shadowing from behind. Kaa slithered and slithered and slithered some more until he quickly reached the water hole. Kaa looked around and was surprised that absolutely nothing was going on. Nothing. No people, no animals, no vehicles, this place was like a ghost-town. However, before Kaa moved off, he heard snoring.

"Why am I hearing sssnoring?" he asks himself.

Kaa looks around until he finds the source of the snoring. He spots a lone male figure on a towel and snoring like a elephant. Kaa notes his features. Muscular body, lightly tanned skin, and around the age of 25. It's Nick!

Kaa would have prefered a girl sleeping there but since nothing was around and seeing as though he was really hungry, Kaa precedes to lift up Nick's legs and starts to coil them up. With that, Kaa coils Nick's whole body and starts to lift him into the air. Kaa then angles Nick towards his mouth.

From a distance, Victoria sees Kaa coiling Nick up, and bringing him close to Kaa's mouth. Victoria sees this as an oppotunity to save Nick. Rushing from her hiding place, he walks right up to Kaa.

"Excuse me Mr. Snake, but could you please put down my tour-guide?" Victoria asks.

Kaa spins his head around and faces a rather attractive 20 year old female standing before him. Kaa smiles at the girl and starts to lower Nick to the ground.

"Ssso sssorry my dear. It isss jussst that I sssaw him lying there and though he wasss dead." Kaa says rather quickly as he sets Nick on his towel. Kaa uncoils Nick's body and looks back at Victoria who is standing there with her mouth hanging open.

"Y-you can talk?" She asks.

"Cccertainly." Kaa replies.

"Isss that a problem?" He adds.

"Well. No." Victoria says.

"Well, then why do you sound worried and sssurprisssed?" Kaa asks.

"First of all, because I have read about every type of snake, I have seen every type of snake, I have held every type of snake, but I have never seen, held, or read about a snake that can talk. Second, my tour-guide (the poor guy you just picked up) said that there was a snake could talk in this jungle and has apparently been the cause of girls disappearing." Victoria says.

"Walk with me girl-cub." Kaa says as she starts slithering.

Victoria reluctantly follows Kaa as they go together away from where Nick is lying. Kaa continues to lead Victoria away from the waterhole and doesn't stop until they are near a huge tree.

"Okay girl-cub. Here we are." Kaa says.

"First off, don't call me 'girl-cub', my name is Victoria. Second, this is your home?" She asks surprised.

"Yesss. Well, your's and mine." Kaa says.

"What do you mean 'your's and mine'?" Victoria asks.

"What I mean isss that you and I will be living here." Kaa says.

"Umm. Look Mr. Snake, I'm an actress, singer-songwriter and dance, I live in Hollywood. Besides, even if I did leave here (which I won't) how would I get to all my gigs?" She asks.

"Firssst off. My name isss Kaa, not 'Mr. Snake'. Second, you will live here even if I have to hypnotize you!" Kaa says.

"Hypnotize me?" Victoria asks.

"Yesss hypnotize you!" Kaa replies.

"You can't hypnotize me. Even if you could, what would you hypnotize me with? Your tail?" Victoria asks.

"No Victoria. With thessse." Kaa says as his eyes start to spiral with colors.

Blue, green, yellow, purple colors flash through his eyes as he starts to hypnotize Victoria. Victoria (on her part) doesn't even move. Instead, she just stands there as her own eyes shrink then start to mirror Kaa's eyes. To make his hypnotic control over Victoria stronger, Kaa moves his tail around the back of Victoria's body and places his coil against her butt. Kaa then pushes against it which causes Victoria to walk towards Kaa slightly. Kaa also speaks soothing words to the girl as his hypnotic eyes start to take over Victoria's mind.

"Good girl-cub. Fall into the depthsss of my gaze. Let the colorsss engulf your mind, taking you to a place where blisss isss everlasssting and you will feel pleasssure." Kaa says.

"Your are getting sssleepy. Your eye-lids are getting heavier, and you wisssh to sssleep." Kaa says.

Victoria's eyes start to close as Kaa starts to coil her up. He works his tail around her waist and starts to coil her up until his tail wraps around her neck. Kaa squeezes Victoria's body and slowly a loud ringing starts to go off in Victoria's head. Suddenly, an awkward smile forms on Victoria's face as her eyes spiral faster than before.

"Good girl. How do you feel?" Kaa asks.

"Sssleepy Kaa." Vicotria answers.

"Well, Victoria, it isss not time to sssleep. It isss time for me to tessst you out. Do you like gamesss?" Kaa asks.

"To be honessst Kaa, I love gamesss, but I haven't played on in a long time." Victoria answers.

"Have you heard of follow the leader?" Kaa asks.

"Yesss Kaa." Victoria replies.

"Good. Here are the rulesss. Firssst of all, I want you to follow my eyesss, then I want you to follow my tail, then my voice." Kaa says.

"That sssoundsss alright Kaa." Victoria answers.

"Okay." Kaa says.

Kaa places his hypnotic eyes in front of Victoria's as he starts to unwrap out bikini-wearing girl. Once Victoria is completely unwrapped, Kaa starts to move his head around. Victoria follows Kaa's head around as Kaa moves around the tree and through some bushed. After a few minutes, Kaa leads Victoria back to the tree.

"Now for the next part girl-cub. Thisss time, we will need to be in the tree." Kaa says as he wraps his tail around Victoria's stomach. Kaa gently lifts Victoria into the tree and sets her one the branch.

"Now girl-cub, follow my tail." Kaa says as his starts to move his tail around the branch of the tree.

Victoria follows the tail and in one case, Kaa had to save her from falling off. Finally Kaa was ready for the last stage in his "test" for Victoria.

"Now Victoria, I want you to listen to this song and then sleepwalk." Kaa says.

Kaa sings his famous song "Trust in me" and as soon as he starts, Victoria is off sleepwalking to the sound of Kaa's voice. She starts walking and the sequence similar to the second time, Kaa hypnotized Mowgli occurs. However when Victoria falls into Kaa's coils and gets fully wrapped up, Kaa places her back on the branch.

"Now Victoria, one lassst thing before you ssstay with me. I'm going to sssing another sssong, but thisss time when I sssing it, I want you to dance." Kaa says.

Kaa preceded on to sing "Trust in me" again, but this time, when she heard the song, Victoria starting a rythmitic belly dance in which she slowly. She continues dancing until Kaa stops. And while Victoria was dancing, Kaa was watching her. And Kaa swore, if he watched any longer, he'd probably be hypnotized. As it is, Kaa now has complete dominance over Victoria. Her mind is empty, she is completely hypnotized and most imporatantly completely his.

"That wasss an excellent dance my dear." Kaa says.

"Thank you Kaa." Victoria says with a smile.

"Now Victoria, how would you like to ssstay with me?" Kaa asks.

"That would be good Kaa." Victoria replies.

"Good. Now sssit on the branch, let me coil you up, and let me pleasssure you." Kaa says.

"Yesss Kaa." Victoria replies as she sits on the branch.

Kaa coils Victoria up and start to massage her body as he starts to pleasure our bikini wearing lady.

Back at the watering hole, Nick wakes up and starts to look around for Victoria. He even calls her name. But when she doesn't come, he starts to worry.


3 weeks later, a miliatry helicopter flies by followed by a small prop plane. Kaa looks up to see them and wonders where they are coming from and why they are there. He then looks towards the ground where various men in police uniforms and military attire scour the area in search of something. Kaa then throws a look over to Victoria who happily sleeps in his coils. Kaa knows they are looking for her, but smile when he realizes that they will never find her.

Kaa and Victoria Justice by outofideas44

/ / ©2011-2016 outofideas44
Hey guys,

here is another Kaa story but this time it is with Victoria Justice in a stunning blue bikini.

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This a great story:)
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