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"Okay Taylor hold that pose." The cameraman said as Taylor assumes a pose.

"Perfect." The cameraman says as his camera starts clicking away.

Taylor was in a village in India promoting a snakeskin bikini. She was in relief of Kate Upton who had mysteriously vanished.

Taylor kept striking poses until the crew started to take a break. Taylor decides to keep the bikini on and she goes up to

the lead director.

"Mr. McArthur, I'm starting to get tired and since we are on a break, I was wondering if I could go exploring in the jungle

for a bit?" Taylor asks.

Mr. McArthur is too preoccupied with something and barely hears Taylor.

"Yeah yeah. Be back in 1 hour." he says waving his hand.

Taylor gets the hint and starts walking through the forest. Her body looks lucious in the snakeskin bikini. Her stomach, arms and legs are exposed perfectly as the bikini really shows off her good features. However Taylor thinks that the most beautiful think about this bikini is the fact that it brings out her eyes.Taylor walks through the forest and stops at almost everything that interests her. Lakes, wildlife, and huge trees fascinate Taylor as her walks takes her deeper into the forest.

Taylor comes across a particularily big tree which catches her attention. She stops by it to rest. As she leans against the tree, Taylor starts whistling one of her songs. However unbeknownst to her, a long tail suddenly snakes down from the trees above. Taylor doesn't realize it is there until she feels the cold scales wrapping around her legs. Taylor bends down to see the coils reacher her waist and then notices that it stops coiling her up.

"What the-" She asks.

However before Taylor can discover who has coiled her legs up, she is suddenly pulled into the tree.

Kaa was resting on the branch of a tree. He just ate the beautiful Kate Upton was was resting from the lack of energy he had when he suddenly heard rustling from the bushed below.

"That had better not be Ssshere Kaan." Kaa says to himself.

To his relief, it was a girl of 22 years old walking through the dense Jungle. Kaa noticed that she was wearing a snakeskin bikini which was exactly like the one Kate was wearing when she decided to strip herself of it. He also noticed the particular features of this girl. Nice slender body, big breasts, and very sexy legs. However Kaa noticed one feature that towered above them all. The girl's eyes were very lucious. Kaa liked this girls eyes and wanted to see them full of spirals so he decided to hypnotize her. He desperately waits for an opening and finally his patience pays off. The girl walks towards the tree he is in and starts whistling a tune. Kaa seizes this opportunity. He lowers his tail down to the ground and starts to wrap it around the girl's legs. With the coils reahing the waist, Kaa pulls the girl up.

As Taylor rises to the treetops above, she starts to wonder what or who would want to grab her and lift her into the tree. Imagine her surprise when she saw the face of a snake looking right at her. Taylor jumps back in surprise but quickly recovers and looks at Kaa suspiciously.

"Why did you bring me up here?" She asks Kaa not expecting him to talk.

"I wanted to asssk you a few quessstionsss." Kaa replies.

The expression on Taylor's face is jaw-dropping (literally). Taylor's mouth hangs open and her eyes widen as she stares at Kaa unable to speak. Kaa can't help but smile a little bit. He sets her down on the branch and uncoils her legs so that she is standing on the branch. However as he sets her down, Taylor finds her voice.

"Y-you can talk?" She finally manages.

"Yesss I can talk, but I asssure you I'm completely harmlesss." Kaa says smiling.

"Girl-cub, what isss wrong with you? You look like you've ssseen a ghossst." Kaa says.

"Sorry, but I didn't expect to meet a snake let alone a talking one." Taylor says.

"Ah. I sssee why you're ssso afraid." Kaa says.

But Taylor regains her composure.

"I'm not scared. Just surprised that's all." Taylor says.

"I sssee. Jussst a quessstion girl-cub, what isss a lovely girl, sssuch asss yourssself, doing all the way out here in sssuch a dangerousss place?" Kaa asks.

"Well, I was doing a film shoot and was advertising this bikini here. When we were allowed a break, I came out here to explore. Looks like I got more than I bargained for." Taylor says with a smile.

Kaa didn't get that last remark but then gets it as she indicated him.

"what isss your name girl-cub?" Kaa asks.

"Taylor. Taylor Swift. And you." Taylor asks Kaa.

"Kaa. Kaa the snake." Kaa says smiling.

"I sssaw another girl in the jungle earlier and ssshe wasss sssporting a bikini jussst like that." Kaa says.

"That was Kate!" Taylor exclaims happily.

However the joy on her face was quickly replaced by sadness as she remembers the bikini model not showing up and everybody going out to look for her.

"Do you know what happened to her?" Taylor asks sadly.

"Unfortunately she went in the distance and I didn't see her after that." Kaa says.

"Then why would she get rid of the bikini?" Taylor asks in a would-be-detective sort of way.

"Sssearch me." Kaa says.

With that comment, Taylor finally notices the huge bulge in Kaa's stomach.

"Say Kaa, what is in your stomach?" Taylor asks suspiciously.

"Nothing. Why?" Kaa asks Taylor.

"Well, it is just that the bugle in your stomach is rather long. Mind if I do something?" Taylor asks.

"Okay girl-cub. But I don't see the point in it." Kaa says.

Taylor walks over to Kaa's bulge and examines it carefully. She notices how long it is and in her mind makes a comparisson to

Kate's height. THEY BOTH MATCHED!

*Either this snake has eaten Kate (although I don't think that is possible) or it is just coincidence.* Taylor thinks.

"Find anything interesssting?" Kaa asks.

"Nothing special. Why?" Taylor asks.

"Oh no particular reason." Kaa says innocently.

Taylor wonders how much time has passed since she left the shooting. She thinks she has explored enough and makes a move to leave.

"Well, Kaa it was nice talking to you and very nice to meet you but I have to get going now." Taylor says as she starts to climb down the tree. However, as she reaches the bottom, Kaa's tail coils around Taylor's waist and pulls her back into the tree.

"Kaa! Why did you do that. I have to go back and continue my film shooting with the company." Taylor says to Kaa.

"Ssso sssoory dear, it isss jussst that I would like to admire your body more." Kaa says as he looks at Taylor's body. Taylor thinks that if she allows him to look at her, she'll be able to get back to the film crew so she decides to let him.

"Why didn't you say so before. If you uncoil me, I can really show you what I'm made of." Taylor says with a smile.

Kaa happily uncoils Taylor and she starts to pose in front of Kaa. She even dances a bit and Kaa can't take any more. He slithers towards Taylor and with accurate timing, Kaa wraps hiself around Taylor's body.

"Kaa what are you doing?" Taylor asks.

"Jussst go with the flow girl-cub." Kaa says.

Taylor continues to dance whilst Kaa continues to cling onto her. Kaa even starts to hum his song "Trust in me". As he hums,

Taylor starts to feel as though she's heard that song somwhere before.

"Kaa. What is the name of that song?" Taylor asks.

"I call it 'Trussst in me'." Kaa says with a smile.

"Does it have words?" Taylor asks.

"Yesss it doesss. Would you like to hear sssome of it?" Kaa asks.

"I would." Taylor replies with a smile.

"Okay. Firssst of all, I would like you to ssstare into my eyesss." Kaa says.

"You eyes. I don't really see anything special in them." Taylor replies confused.

But even as she says that, pulsating rings of colors flash through Kaa's eyes as he begins to hypnotize Taylor. Taylor's eyes widen, then mirror Kaa's eyes as her gaze remains fixated on Kaa's eyes.

"Trussst in me, jussst in me. Ssshut you eyesss and trussst in me. You can sssleep, sssafe and sssound, knowing I and around." Kaa sings.

Taylor's eyes start to close and a smile forms on her face as she continues to listen to Kaa's hypnotic song.

"Ssslip into sssilent ssslumber, sssail on a sssilve missst. Sssurely and sssweetly, your sssensssesss will ceassse to resssissst." Kaa sings as he wraps Taylor up in his coils. Whilst singing this little bit, Kaa wraps Taylor up from ankles to neck in a big mass of coils.

"Trussst in me, Jussst in me, ssshut your eyesss and trussst in me." Kaa sings as he finishes his song.

"Now girl-cub. How do we feel?" Kaa asks Taylor who is peacefully sleeping in Kaa's coils.

"I feel, good Kaa." Taylor says sleepily.

"Good." Kaa says as he unwraps Taylor. Kaa sets her on the branch with her leg spread out and either side and gets her to open her eyes. When he does, he stares at her with his hypnotic eyes and proceeds to put her into a deeper trance.

Meanwhile, back at the film shoot, the crew and camera people were ready to get back to filming when they noticed Taylor wasn't around.

"Does anyone know where Taylor is?" asks one of the camera people.

"Last I heard of her, she asked me if she could go out into the jungle and explore." Mr. McArthur replies sheepishly.

"You let her go?" The cameran asked.

"I didn't really know she asked me really. I was sort of busy and all I heard was something about Jungle and I said 'Yes'."

The director replies trying to defend himself.

"Well someone had better go out and find her." The cameraman says.

"Allow me Mr. McArthur." A voice says behind the director.

McArthur whirls around to see a tall guy (about 6 feet tall) standing there.

"Who are you?" McArthur asks.

"Name's Adam." Adam replies.

Adam is well built. Big strong muscles, and a very handsome body. This guy is so handsome that every girl on set stares at his body and doesn't look away.

"Okay. Now why would you want to go out into that Jungle and find her?" McArthur asks.

"Few reasons. Number 1: She and I have been friends for a long time and I promised her that I would look out for her. No matter what." Adam says with his teeth clenched.

"Fair enough." McArthur says.

"Number 2: I love her. I have loved her ever since I have first met her and I think she and I are ready to start a relationship." Adam says.

"That sounds a little bit like you've given me too much information, but what is reason number 3?" McArthur asks.

"Number 3, is really because I like exploring and so looking in this jungle to find Taylor is another reason to pursue that part of my interests." Adam says with a smile.

"Well, since no one else is jumping at the chance, I'll let you go.  But seeing as though we have to get this photo-shoot done, we'll have to find a replacement for Taylor. Any suggestions wise-guy?" McArthur asks Adam.

"Frankly I have several.

1. Miley Cyrus.
2. Angelina Jolie.
3. Kiera Knightly.
4. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I would pick any of these four as possible candidates for the replacement of Taylor." Adam says with a smile.

"Simmons!" McArthur yells.

A small man of about 5'10 emerges from one of the trailers with a cell phone in his hand.

"Yeah boss." Simmons replies.

"Get Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Kiera Knightly, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on the phone asking any one of them to come down here and finish this bikini advertisement. We need to get it done." McArthur says.

"Got it boss." Simmons replies heading back into the trailer.

Whilst McArthur was talking to Simmons about getting a possible backup for Taylor, Adam took the oppotunity to head into the jungle. Adam was a hunter and like a good hunter, he is able to track Taylor's scent. It takes Adam half and hour but he finally reaches a very large tree. He smells Taylor scent and look up. What he sees shocks him. Adam observes Taylor sitting on a brach with her legs dangling on both sides of the branch, with a smile on her face, and her eyes bubbling with colors.

"HEY YOU! LEAVE HER ALONE!" Adam shouts.

Kaa hears the shouting and starts to get annoyed.

"Who'sss the big mussscular guy?" Kaa asks.

"That isss my friend Adam." Taylor replies.

"How long have you been friendsss?" Kaa asks.

"A very long time. But sssometimesss I wisssh we were more." Taylor replies.

"Do you love him?" Kaa asks.

"Yesss Kaa." Taylor replies.

"Okay. Go down there and ssshow him you love him." Kaa says with a smile.

"Yesss Kaa." Taylor replies happily.

Taylor stands up and Kaa coils her stomach and lowers her to the ground. There Taylor slowly and sexually walks up to Adam.

"Hey Adam." Taylor says in a sexual voice.

"H-Hey Taylor." Adam says.

"Like my bikini?" Taylor asks him.

"Y-yeah." Adam replies.

"Good. Well how about you look at my eyesss." Taylor says as she stares into Adam's eyes.

"What are those?" Adam asks as his eyes fill with spirals.

"Ssssh. Relaxxx. Let them fill you up and let them guide you into blisss like me." Taylor says.

Taylor starts dancing in front of Adam as his eyes spiral faster and faster.

Finally a *ping* goes off insides Adam's head as he falls under Kaa's control like Taylor.

"Ah. Excellent Taylor. Your friend is under my control. Now what whould you like to do with him?" Kaa asks.

"I know." Taylor says.

She walks over to Adam and removes all of his clothes until he just sits there completely naked. Taylor then undresses herself and she embraces Adam. The two then engage in a sexual act. Kaa happily watches as Taylor repeatedly and seductively talks to Adam.

Kaa can't take the bystanding role any longer. He gets Taylor off of Adam and puts her into the tree. Kaa then looks back at Adam.

"Okay Adam, I want you to return to wherever you came from. When you cross the river, you'll snap out of your trance with not colors in you eyes. You will have no memory of meeting me, and anyone who asks you if you found anything, tell them that everything is in order. Do you understand?" Kaa asks Adam.

"Yess Kaa." Adam replies.

Adam turns around and obediently starts walking away from where he is standing. But before leaving, Adam secretly picks up the snakeskin bikini and decides to take it back with him. As Kaa instructed, he returns to the film shoot with absolutely no memory of meeting Kaa or even having sex with Taylor. Mr. McArthur comes up to Adam and asks him something.

"Find anything out kid?" he asks.

"Nope. I couldn't find head or tails of her (mind you Taylor doesn't even have a tail but I guess that is just a saying)." Adam replies.

"You feeling okay?" McArthur asks.

"Not really. My head is throbbing, and my body feels really strange like I've done something but I don't know what." Adam


"Well, how about you go and lie down for a bit and then resume your search. In the meantime, we'll be waiting for our new five faces of the snakeskin bikini commercial." McArthur says.

"Five faces?" Adam replies puzzled.

"Yeah. We have the 4 girls you suggested plus a very special guest. However, only I know of this girl of whom I speak of." McArthur says happily.

"Can you let me in on the secret." Adam replies.

"Sure. The fifth member of our little photo shoot, is (drum roll please)...

...Selena Gomez!" McArthur proudly says.

"Selena Gomez? Really?" Adam replies skeptical.

"Yeah. You have a better candidate?" McArthur replies.

"Yeah. How about Amy Jo Johnson." Adam replies.

"Amy Jo Johnson? Oh. That girl from (what was it) Power Rangers!" McArthur replies.

"Yeah. Her. Good body, sexy breasts and legs, the perfect face for you bikini commercial."

"I can see it now. But if only we had the bikini that Taylor was wearing." McArthur says sadly.

"I may not have seen head or tails of Taylor, but I did see heads and tails of her bikini." Adam says as he pulls it out from his pockets.

"Adam. You are a true hero. Thank you for bringing this back for me. Perhaps, if you do manage to find Taylor, we'll have her

flown out of here right away." McArthur says.

"Yeah. Well, I'm going to go to bed and get some rest. Let me know when those girls get here. I want to meet them personally." Adam says with an evil smile.

"It's a deal Adam." McArthur says as he extends his hand.

"See you later!" Adam says as he walks away.

"Ha ha. That boy." McArthur says to himself as he walks towards his trailer.

Back in the jungle, Kaa looks as Adam walks away in a sleep-walking motion.

"I think that boy will enjoy hisss life." Kaa says happily.

Kaa looks up at Taylor who is still sitting in the tree branch with her legs on either side. Kaa moves his tail to get the bikini but notice it is not where Taylor set it down after she stripped.

"That boy mussst've taken it." Kaa says angrily.

But then he smiles as he realizes that he likes Taylor without her bikini on and thinks about what he could do with her body now that it is totally exposed. Kaa puts himself back into the tree and coild Taylor up from her ankles to her neck and stares into her eyes.

"I can sssee usss having a wonderful time ahead of usss together." Kaa says happily.

"Yesss Kaa. I will ssserve you forever." Taylor says as she smiles.


The next day, 5 different planes arrive at the Indian International Airport and 5 different limos leave said airport. In the 5 different limos, sit 5 different girls. Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Kiera Knightly, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Amy Jo Johnson. The 5 limos arrive at the film shoot all one after another. As soon as the five girls gather around McArthur to be briefed on what is happening, Adam is summoned and is greeted by each girl. There, they are escorted to their sleeping trailers and the film shooting begins the next day.

Kaa and Taylor Swift by outofideas44

/ / ©2012-2016 outofideas44
Mature Content
Hey Guys, here is my first deviation of 2012, in which Kaa hypnotizes and coils Taylor Swift. I realized that in this story, I could possibly make a harem so in the next story, Kaa will hypnotize and coil each of the women listed in this story.

I hope you enjoy.


I will also be making an alternate version of the ending here and it will be up in maybe another hour or two (maybe less)!
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Rolf-Thorne Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012
I appreciate how Taylor remains concerned about the missing girl and the dark humor in regards to the still existent bulge from that meal. It is sort of too bad Kate Upton got eaten so quickly (she is gorgeous and funny) but the fatality keeps a sense of danger to the events and like I said before the dark humor is cool.
outofideas44 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012   Writer
Thanks. But don't worry. Kate will be returning.
kaaslave Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
Awesome-sounding harem. :D
outofideas44 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012   Writer
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